… you know you are!

The Eclectic Connoisseur is looking for people passionate about food, drinks, and making memorable dining experiences to join our team. We have set up the place, the platform, the canvas for you to express yourself, and earn a passive income from what you are most passionate about in life.

Move fast, The Eclectic Connoisseur will soon expand into other facets of life, from health & wellness, lifestyle to travel & leisure, to name but a few. Ask yourself… “Who is under the Top Hat?” and you will see that the “Top Hat” fits all that try’s it on for size. Do you consider yourself a social media influencer and would like to join our culinary crusade or add a glitch to the matrix?… Then the Eclectic Connoisseur would be the perfect fit for you.

Please send us a video of you sharing a memorable moment with the people you care about most while adding more gourmet to your lifestyle.

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