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Bearclaw Kitchen is a granola and snacks company running out of LA, and can be found in several coffee shops and farmers’ markets in the area. Keeping their ingredients simple and freshly baked is just two of the ways they keep their products full of good energy and tons of flavor.

“I was recently in LA on business and had a parfait featuring this homemade granola at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. It was the highlight of my trip so I thought I would be a fun and delicious holiday gift this year. I hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!”


Founded by a pastry chef that previously worked in Hollywood Bearclaw Kitchen’s granola is made by the best, to be the best. They have homespun recipes with a touch of decadence added. Whole nuts and organic oats are roasted together with high-quality ingredients like unfiltered wildflower honey, organic single-origin maple syrup, and California dates to make their signature addictive flavor.

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