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Our review of Cook Smarts

Cook Smarts is a meal planning service that aims to help every home cook easier and smarter in the kitchen. They create and provide user-friendly content and tools that inspire, empower and inform consumers as they believe that at the end of the day the kitchen should be a healthy and fun place to be!

Cook Smarts gives nutritional breakdowns, weight watchers points, weekly menus, and recipes. Cook Smarts offers a broad video library that shows you how to slice, dice, and cook different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Not only that, but, every week includes weekend prep guides for your recipes that makes putting together a meal even faster on a weekend night. Each recipe also comes with a vegetarian, gluten-free or paleo option. Cook Smarts meal preparation is versatile, saves money, and packs fantastic recipes that are easy to make, and are guaranteed to be your family’s favorite so you can have them ordered again and again.

Cook Smarts Meal Plan Service: How it Works

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Menu plans: Cook Smarts allows you to cook more, with less tension. Menus are quick and effective for paleo, vegetarian & gluten-free cooking. A shopping list appears with just one button and their easy-to follow steps & smart how-to video cooking, dinner is no longer a chore.

Objective: Cook Smarts is passionate about helping the cooks in the kitchen live healthier, easier and smarter. To empower our group to lead their healthiest lives, we build weekly meal plans and instructional cooking content.

Their blog focuses on smart tips for cooking and basic ideas for meals. Every post on their blog was created with your busy life in mind, so you can still have dinner on the table after a long day, even with kids underfoot.

How to Use Cook Smarts Meal Plan Service

Cook Smart teaches you online

Would I suggest Cook Smarts, at the end of the day? Completely. Totally. It sparked an imaginative fire and got me to try out new ideas and learn new skills. You find confidence in the kitchen and a lot of warmth and serenity in slicing vegetables and putting together a meal from scratch. But as I begin half marathon preparation, Cook Smarts teaches me how to mix various flavor profiles so I can learn what works together well. For Example:

  • Miso, panko, maple syrup and butter – delicious.
  • Fish sauce, coconut milk, and Thai curry paste – sweet.
  • Balsamic vinegar, eggs, sprouts from brussels and brown sugar – nothing is better than that!

You will also learn cooking techniques that can usually make you a better home chef, such as the right vinaigrette ratios and how to thicken sauces. Meanwhile, I am certainly going to carry on with some tricks I’ve picked up, like meal planning and prepping ahead, and I’m going to keep making quick and simple dinners.

If you want to check out and sign up for Cook Smarts, check out its website and let me know what you think!

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Cook Smarts Review

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