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Founded in 2008 DAVIDsTEA exists purely for tea perfection. They’re on the search worldwide for well-crafted, single-origin loose leaf teas to share with the North American community. They want to make it as easy as possible to discover, explore, and feel better through their tea.


It’s no secret that tea is good for you, but tea should be good for the planet too. That’s why DAVIDsTEA is doing their part for the planet, one tea at a time. By joining the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization working to make the tea industry sustainable, they’re working to help create a fairer, more sustainable industry for tea workers & farmers, their families, and the environment.

Certified Organic

DAVIDsTEA strives to help the planet. One of the ways this takes shape is by being home to one of the largest organic tea collections in North America. While not 100% organic due to quality and quantity issues with certain ingredients, like willow bark, purchasing organic helps encourage farmers to make the transition to more eco-friendly practices. It’s a long process with many rigorous steps, but DAVIDsTEA is dedicated to make it happen.

Fair Trade Certified

Products marked as Fair Trade Certified™ at DAVIDsTEA contribute to a community Development Fund. This puts money directly into the hands of tea and farming communities so they can use it democratically on whatever improvements they see fit

Elephant Approved

DAVIDsTEA supports the Elephant Approved non-profit. This non-profit works with tea gardens to create conditions where humans and endangered elephants can live (and grow) safety together. They help promote safer, more sustainable farming practices while helping elephants with habit change.

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