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Godiva Chocolates is a chocolatier whose roots extend all the way back to a family-owned confectionery workshop in Belgium, 1926. The Draps family was incredibly inspired by the legend of Lady Godiva, which lead them to name the company in her honour. Values associated with Lady Godiva such as boldness, generosity, and a pioneering spirit still steer Godiva’s ethos today.


With their global team of chefs and chocolatiers Godiva ensures that the dream of their company’s founder Joseph Draps is kept alive. Monsier Draps believed in creating a complex, yet consistent balanced notes of super-premium chocolates. An ode to the Belgian tradition.


With a wide range of chocolates Godiva is able to offer a plethora of memorable tasting experiences. Special and new chocolates alike can be hard to find on the market, but Godiva makes it easy. With their team of global chefs and chocolatiers they’re able to keep the Belgian tradition alive, and delicious.

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