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Gourmet food store is an online food service delivery company founded in 2003.

They are comprised of four Companies:

  1. gourmetfoodstore.com
  2. gourmetfoodworld.com
  3. steaksandgame.com
  4. Gourmet Wholesaler 

Gourmet Food Store is an amazing food store that sells varieties of food including: oil and vinegar, fruits and vegetable, cheese and margarine, condiments and spices, meats, olives, falafel, chocolate and desserts, tea, and the sky is the limit from there. In light of an intense work schedule or otherwise, many people nowadays think that it is difficult to venture out to purchase their groceries. Gourmet food store plays a significant role in helping customers get their week by week staple goods with comfort and ease. Even within the confines of the four walls of your house, you can easily place orders and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Since Gourmet Food Store has an immediate connection with farmers and wholesalers, they often give complimentary gifts and discounts that add to the delight of clients who buy from them.

Gourmet food store plays a significant role in helping customers get their week by week staple goods with comfort and ease.


Gourmet Food Store gives huge discounts and comes up with lucrative deals and offers. To get benefits from such offers and discounts, simply get a membership on their website. Once you become a member, Gourmet Food Store will keep you updated on numerous saving opportunities. They do this weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, etc. Keep an eye out around the holidays; Gourmet Food Store will generally send direct e-mails notifying you of bigger saving opportunities that would be applicable during a festive season such as Christmas or New Year.

Additionally, Gourmet Food Store offers you a wide range of tasty delicacies from Italy, France and other countries plus foods for occasions, seasons, holidays, celebrations and cooking styles.


Gourmet Food Store offers you a wide range of tasty delicacies for occasions, seasons, holidays, celebrations and cooking styles. Some of the collections offered include the Picnic Collection, Nutritious Foods & Ingredients, Organic Gourmet Food, Brunch Collection, Fresh Ribs & Racks, Edible Flowers & Blossoms, Spring Cheese Platter, Summer Cheese Board Collection, Fall Cheese Board Collection, Super Bowl Food, Thanksgiving Collection, Oscar Party Collection, and Entertainment & Parties. You can also check out their gourmetfoodstore.com website for gift cards. You will find some of the best ingredients, recipes and new items.


Food store Gourmet carries the highest level of freshness with unbeatable prices. Your product is carefully packaged in a sealed Styrofoam box with dry ice or reusable ice gel packs to ensure you get all your products in good condition. It is done to ensure that the food remains fresh during transit. Gourmet food shop also provides the delivery of products to different locations. Shipping can be done by FedEx, UPS, or USPS. The company currently cannot ship perishable items internationally. But it is possible to supply non-perishable goods. The business does not allow returns of perishable products. As for non-perishable goods, returns are approved as long as you order your purchase within 24 hours of receipt. To put an order for distribution outside the US. Try it from here.


“I am a big addict when it comes to cheese and I love gourmet food store for delivering the best cheese ever. I am kind of surprised to get such a variation because it’s really hard to get something like this, where they have a huge selection along with quality and affordable prices. Overall, it’s the complete package that I highly recommend people try, especially if you love cheese. They are selling Danish cheese, epoisses berthaut, Manchego cheese, camembert le bocage and tons of others I never heard of. Furthermore, I’d recommend the chocolates, macaroons and the recipes, they all are so delicious.”

“My friends that live in the U.S have been raving about this site. You can buy all your gourmet goodies from here – from truffles to cheese… and the ever so controversial foie gras. So I decided to try it out. I wanted to buy some cheese and some oils and low and behold… no shipment to Canada. BOOO!! I still love the site, it’s beautifully laid out, great descriptions for each product. Still looking for a Canadian site… if anyone knows of one… let me know.”

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