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Licorice is the place where all you licorice lovers feel the love. It was created by a licorice-obsessed family who knew that there was higher quality licorice available than the convenience store kind. After discovering that outside of the US there were incredible gourmet varieties of Licorice, they collaborated with authentic licorice makers and have been doing so for 5 generations!

With over 50 flavors, there’s something for everyone, from authentic black licorice to fruity and sour flavors. The licorice is packaged in a fun red & black tube which holds approximately one pound of licorice. The licorice is unique, and includes a variety of licorice types such as spiralis, pretzelice, licorice in the shape of coins & dogs, sweet blossoms, pillows, and even candy cane licorice!

Give the Gift of Delicious Licorice

Looking for a special and unique gift for that sweet-tooth in your life? In addition to creating your own gift box, provides 13 ready-made gift sets so you can avoid fretting over which pieces to get your loved ones! Moreover, they have custom packaging available for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, events or even for employee recognition. Just give them some information about the gift and they’ll get back to you with price estimates and design ideas!

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