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Lindt is the master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845. Comprised of Lindor, excellence, and gold bunnies, Lindt is the perfect chocolate for any occasion! Irresistibly creamy, Lindt chocolate is the smoothest in the world due to its superior ingredients & rigorous process. Create your own custom Lindor box and gift it to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbours!

Quality & Variety

Who says you can’t have both quality & quantity? Lindt offers the highest quality of gourmet chocolate and a wide selection of flavors. Selecting, process and blending premium cocoa beans are all part of the first step in creating these delectable chocolates. Moreover, they sell over 10 delicious flavors in truffles, golden wrapped bunnies, eggs, figurines and Swiss gold bars! Their best flavors include creamy milk chocolate, white chocolate, 70% cocoa dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut.

Lindt Master Chocolatiers

Behind every Lindt chocolate creation is a passionate and skilled Master Chocolatier. Located all over the world, Lindt Master Chocolatiers come from different backgrounds and have diverse palates and unique ideas. What brings them together is the strong bond of dedication to their roles and their commitment, unique passion and skill that keeps Lindt chocolate fresh and

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