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Lobster Anywhere is your go-to store for the best Maine lobster delivered straight to your front door. With delivery time of less than 24 hours anywhere in the U.S.A, you are guaranteed to receive your delicious lobster overnight! From the shore to your door, get ready to indulge in the feast of your life!


Choosing from a Variety of Products

Aside from fresh, Maine lobster, Lobster Anywhere also delivers live lobster, lobster tails, fresh seafood, lobster meat, steaks, ribs, chowder & bisque, and lobster dinners & gift packs. This large variety of products is just one of the reasons Lobster Anywhere is so successful. Furthermore, the sustainable seafood is wild caught, all-natural and chemical free! This way, you can enjoy your favourite food while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Another huge benefit of purchasing from Lobster Anywhere is that the seafood is custom packed and assembled to ensure maximum freshness the day you receive your delivery. Finally, Lobster Anywhere provides a free, simple cooking guide with your order, so you can learn how to prepare your gourmet food!

Another cool initiative by Lobster Anywhere is that their in-house expert, Lobster Louie, is always available to answer any seafood questions that you may have.

Their list is always updated with new dishes and offers you the best possible service assuring you get the best of all the options available. If you want to get the best quality meat at affordable prices, then their range of meat products are the perfect choice for your needs. Their website portal provides you with the most comprehensive information on all your meat requirements. Furthermore, by checking out their website, you can find out additional details about the variety of meats.

What Can You Expect from Lobster Anywhere?

Ordering lobster online can be expensive. So, it’s important to pick your moments of when to order it online. That is why the Sand Dollar Rewards Program is so great! After signing up for the rewards program, you get $6 off your first purchase. Even more, you can earn points for shopping and referring friends. These points will result in savings for your next orders.

Another benefit of buying from Lobster Anywhere is that you don’t pay sales tax on fresh seafood. Also, Lobster Anywhere offers seafood gift packages that ship free to almost anywhere in the United States. This helps lower your total cost. Saving money from these initiatives, you can choose a beautiful gift basket filled with seafood to send to your friends and family. Every live lobster gift package is shipped with steel shell crackers and seafood forks. These are wrapped in red and white checkered cotton napkins, fresh lemon, wet-naps, bibs, step-by-step cooking instructions, “How-to-eat-a-lobster” placemats, and a personalized gift card. Moreover, the gift packages can be customized with your personalized message, company logo, and literature. What more can someone want?

Another cool initiative by Lobster Anywhere is that their in-house expert, Lobster Louie, is always available to answer any seafood questions that you may have.

Unfortunately, Lobster Anywhere only ships to the U.S. However, there are other great companies available on our website that ship seafood outside of the U.S. Moreover, Lobster Anywhere does not ship Mondays. So, if you’re planning to have lobster for dinner on Monday night, then you’ll have to wait until the next day.

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