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The Qi is a wellness brand on a mission to empower you to feel more joy, beauty, and inner calm daily through the power of whole healing flower teas. “Qi” (or “Chi” which means life energy) stands for the energy in all things, the vital energy forming part of any living entity.

Flowers contain the most Qi. According to ancient Eastern philosophies when a plant flowers, it is believed to be at the peak of its life. Additionally, the flowers are the fruit of this highest-level energy Qi. When we take in this flower Qi, it can help us feel happier and more at peace.

The flowers are 100% handpicked from small, family-owned farms only. Every single tea is vegan, sustainably sourced, includes no preservatives, and is 100% traceable. The proceeds are also donated to several charities organizations such as CAAAV and Heart of Dinner.

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The Qi has a variety of products for sale such as Shangri-la Rose tea which is handpicked from Spring’s most prized first harvest. The rose tea has a subtle floral flavor with slightly tangy, fruity notes, and a soothing honey aftertaste, encouraging healthy and glowing skin and hair. Another high-quality tea is their Royal Chrysanthemum. The Royal Chrysanthemum is ultra-healing in nature, and has a mildly sweet herbal flavor with notes of honey.

Moreover, they sell the most unique teapots, saucers, gold rim cups, bamboo tongs, and other exquisite products that you need to check out!

Their Philosophy: Flowers for Holistic Well-Being for All

To learn all about holistic well-being, The Qi has created a journal where you can read about the creatives of The Qi, follow recipes for the most delicious teas, and expand your knowledge on health and wellness! These journal articles guide you through the Yin Yang theory, what to get for Mother’s Day, daily rituals for a happiness boost and so much more!

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