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Raw Paws is an online store for raw feeders that sells high quality, raw, frozen dry dog ​​and cat food. Raw Paws raw frozen dry food is the all-natural and grain-free option that your pet needs most!

Their dried beef recipes are 100% natural and don’t contain any preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. Overall, no harmful ingredients are used. They produce their dried dog and cat food from responsible and ethically advanced farms, where grass-fed cows are raised on family farms without antibiotics, steroids or hormones. This level of care in selection is to ensure they can supply the highest quality finished products made with fresh ingredients. All of their natural cat food and dog food meet or exceed AAFCO standards.

How Frozen Raw Paws arrives at your door

Dogs and cats are carnivorous by nature. Raw Paws grain-free, beef dog food blends help improve digestion, relieve allergies, improve skin cells, improve healthy teeth and gums, and helps with strong bones and a healthy immune system. Serve our grain-free beef as a complete and balanced meal on any diet. Satisfy the pet’s instincts by feeding them real raw nutrients.
Raw Paws is an organization that believes that the best potential for happy pets is the highest quality nutrition. That’s why they provide nutritious, delicious food. These raw foods made from real meat help your dog and cat to grow properly.


Your dog and cat will definitely love nutritious raw food. The frost-drying method of natural healthy dog ​​and cat food locks in the taste of delicious meat and combines naturally enriched enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the delicious and nutritious dog and cat food are extremely carefully packaged for easy storage, handling and serving. This raw food will give your pet the benefit of raw nutrition without any hassle.

When you shop for pet food from Raw Paws you may have the peace of mind that you are giving your pet only healthy raw ingredients.

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Raw Paws Review

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