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Raw Wild dog food is a completely natural, unique raw and organic dog food that is made from wild elk and wild deer. Raw Wild has no preservatives, food colouring, grains, corn, or fillers and does not have any slaughterhouse by-products, offal, or 4D meat. Moreover, Raw Wild has only wild deer and elk meat. Each pound is made individually at an FDA certified, human-grade facility and with a flash-frozen system to preserve freshness.

The products provided on Raw Wild is as close as you can get to the ancestral diet eaten by wolves as it is made up of real prey animals

Raw Wild is an organization that provides organic, all-natural, all wild meat, raw dog food that is made from natural, renewable resources that your dog’s ancestors have eaten for ages. Raw Wild’s organic raw dog food meets AAFCO standards for a complete and balanced diet for all levels of a dog’s life. They are an exclusive and exceptional brand of raw dog food. If you want to start or maintain a raw dog food diet, Raw Wild is the way to go. Finally, Raw Wild uses natural fair-chase elk and deer meat that provide the highest quality of protein and an authentic wild prey diet.


The dog ​​food market is looking to mimic the high-quality protein, low-fat diet that wolves and dogs have been feeding on for millennia. Furthermore, Raw wild is as close as you can get to the ancestral diet eaten by wolves; it is composed of real prey animals, prey born and raised in the wild, not fattened or fed anything by humans. As a result, Raw Wild Dog Food is uniquely able to provide a raw meat diet with these desired benefits.

For those looking for healthy dog food, Raw Wild aims to provide an exceptional option. You can order dog food with all these benefits from Raw Wild. If you want to give your dog the best quality food, you need to try Raw Wild.
So choose Raw Wild!

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Raw Wild Review

EC SCORE: 4.4/5
MAIN SELLERS: Raw Wild dog food is 99% organic protein, harvested from wild elk and deer, gluten-free, grain-free, and contains no antibiotics or growth hormones.

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