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Smoothie Box is a smoothie delivery service that sends perfectly proportioned frozen smoothie blends right to your doorstep. Their services make healthy eating easier. All you have to do is pour and bland, and you’ll have an organic fresh fruit smoothie ready to help you start your day on the right foot. We hope our Smoothie Box review helps guide you in the right direction for all your smoothie needs.


Flavourful and Healthy

Their blends come in four different flavours: berry, cacao, green and clementine. Not only are these flavours delicious, but they also each provide their own health benefits. Their berry flavour will help you maintain your heart’s health and increase your brain function. Their cacao flavour is the most popular in their collection and is rich in antioxidants, ingredients that help remove toxins and ingredients that will help lower blood pressure. Their green flavour is high in fiber and will help you stay regular and maintain a healthy gut. And last but certainly not least, their clementine flavour is high is vitamin C, glutamic acid which is used to form proteins and aspartic acid which is crucial for cellular function in the human body. It’s also loaded with healthy oils and electrolytes. This mix is perfect as a pre or post workout smoothie.

Smoothie Box only uses organic fruits and vegetables in their smoothies and provides you with an affordable and easy way to kick-start your day!

Affordable and Customizable Services

Smoothie Box only uses farm fresh, organic fruit and vegetables in their blends and each blend can be fully customized with the optional help of their recipe guides. With their subscription box you get perfectly proportioned smoothie blends for an affordable price and free shipping. You can cancel your subscription anytime, so there’s no reason not to give their services  try.

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