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Our review of The Chef and The Dish

How would you like to invite a World Class Chef into your Kitchen and cook with them tonight?

The Chef & The Dish is a culinary experience like no other that takes cooking adventures to a whole other level! The Chef & The Dish‘s mission is to connect world-class chefs’ cooking instructors to home cooks to enable them to learn traditional and authentic recipes from their region-all with real-time, private, online cooking classes. They highlight regions to you from around the world while exhibiting their beautiful dishes and authentic preparation methods.

Welcome to this incredible service:

The Chef & The Dish‘s goal is to celebrate and preserve the dishes that have become part of a culture or country. For example: Italian Ragu & Pomodoro, Korean Dumplings, Japanese Okonomiyaki and Paella from Spain are our all part of their private online cooking classes. Of course, this only scratches the surface as there is so much more.

To ensure 100% authenticity, The Chef & The Dish bring in a world-class chef or cooking instructor to represent and host the evening festivities from their distinct region of the world.

For example, their Italian-chef has been based in Milan, Italy and will provide you with their list of things to shop for. You do all of your grocery shopping beforehand and after a short planning session, you start cooking. The Chef shares with you the whole story behind the meal itself while you cook it. How cool is that?

Here is what that experience looks like! Now Experience it!

The Chef and The Dish is indeed an extraordinary cooking experience in your own home. You have the chance to Skype with amazing chefs from all over the world while they assist you in preparing a three-course meal. This is hands down, the perfect gift for any foodie. They deliver cooking classes from American, Canadian, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Hungarian food backgrounds. There are countless options to choose from for different plates and chefs.

The Chef and the Dish essentially provides cooking classes at home where you Skype with a chef who is actually from the area from which meal comes. These Skype-based classes are convenient as they provide culinary knowledge and training without traveling.

  • Great for graduates of the culinary school, chefs, or restaurants looking to open a restaurant or provide restaurant staff with advanced training.
  • Learn techniques and recipes with trained chefs who have served in Michelin Star restaurants.
  • The Chef and The Dish makes the choice of collaboratively cooking with them simpler than ever before. You can browse the different cooking regions over the classes.
  • Personalized private cooking classes in your own kitchen with a world chef – through Skype in selected cases – who owns a restaurant in the country.
  • Personalized professional step-by-step coaching tailored to your personal and or professional needs
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The Chef and The Dish Review

EC SCORE: 4.9/5
MAIN SELLERS: Invite top chefs from Italy, Thailand, Spain, Japan and more into your kitchen for a private cooking class

Online cooking classes from top-shelf chefs from throughout the world

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