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A gourmet subscription service with 6 amazing categories including chocolate, beer, cigars, wine, cheese and flowers. Explore the worlds of your favorite products with their expertise selection and receive all of the meaningful information before placing your order.

The ability of The Month Club company to select its artisans based on their excellence, distinction, creativity, and use of fresh, wholesome ingredients makes them stand out among other subscription companies.

“Do you have a mega sweet tooth person, or just enjoy a great bar of chocolate?”

If that’s you, and you’re not already subscribed to Chocolate of the Month Club, then you are missing out on this fantastic handmade artistic Chocolate.

Chocolate of the Month Club is a fascinating service that has been catering to needs for gourmet chocolate since 1994. This service addresses the needs of the chocolate lover who is just sick of having lousy chocolate. Chocolate of the Month Club allows you and your loved ones to enjoy quality chocolate made from pure ingredients. This company focuses on the production of a small batch of handcrafted Chocolate, rather than on an industrial scale, and allows you to discover an international variety of artisan Gourmet Chocolates.

According to Director of product development, Kathleen Calef, who has 25 years of experience in the Gourmet chocolate business and has led this company from the start wanted people to “enjoy a variety of handcrafted artisan chocolate every month which the other company isn’t providing”. With this company, consumers will get to enjoy signature creations created by International Chocolatiers with cacao bean blends, Grand Cru single bean, and carefully guarded roasting and consing techniques. You can also gift these fantastic creations of chocolates to your loved ones on any special occasion.

What else to check out?

Alongside with their fabulous chocolate club, they offer subscriptions in beer, wine, cheeses, cigars and flowers. The company really looks after each individual shipment to maintain the exceptional quality throughout every edition of the boxes. Their research towards gathering the best basket of goods or beverages makes every box unique. In every basket you will always find something new, disregarding your level of expertise!

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