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Hello, snack lovers. Here is the best place you could ever be!


Universal Yums is a food subscription service created in 2014 with the aim of delivering delicious snacks from all over the world right to your doorstep, allowing you to taste cuisine from far away and learn about different cultures. Each month they bring you snacks from a different country, without having to pay ridiculous airfares.

Universal Yums’ mission is to deliver subscriber boxes filled with a selection of yummy, fresh, and unexpected findings that encourage recipients to “Snack Like A Local.” Additionally, each order includes fun facts about the nation featured, as well as detailed breakdowns of each snack. Pick between two sizes and enjoy. From sweet treats to savory bits, the snacks are incredibly varied!

Here is an example of couple receiving their Universal Yum order from: Egypt


If you’re just looking to sign up for a snack box and have it delivered to your door without any extra hassle, Universal Yums is definitely a great option, especially since it’s surprisingly difficult to find a snack subscription service where you don’t need to give at least some feedback on what you want every month.

I loved how easy the sign-up process was and how straightforward the Universal Yums website was in terms of what it was offering, it hard to miss the Universal Yums box when it arrived because it used bright white and blue snack pictures all over its packaging, which also had the company logo and website. All with free shipping for US shipments, which are received monthly,


What really distinguishes the Universal Yums box from rivals is its extensive booklet on cultural immersion that accompanies the snacks. My booklet included fascinating trivia about Japan, a playlist of Japanese music, and Japanese cooking information. It also offered the best look at the treats contained in the package of almost every snack delivery service out there. The box included a thorough explanation of why each snack was popular in Japan, what to expect when consuming it, and a list of ingredients of what was in each treat, which is extremely useful for international subscription food boxes which have snack labels written in other languages.

Universal Yums sells better snacks than rivals. Universal Yums distinguishes itself from similar boxes with its emphasis on cultural immersion: each package comes with a thorough guidebook that provides information about the country featured and extensive explanations of each snack – to give subscribers a better understanding of what they’re eating and why it’s worth noting – in addition to sports, facts, recipes, and more.

Customer Feedback

“Once I opened my snacks, I definitely wasn’t disappointed. They were well-packaged, sealed, and fresh, which is always a great sign. And while some of the snacks were a little strange in taste (hey, that’s what you get for trying foods from other cultures!), I really loved the variety of what was in my box. This particular delivery included savoury ‘bean’ mixes, fruit gummies, burger-flavored teriyaki sticks, and caramel rice crackers, so I felt like all of my senses were in overdrive. This is where some other snack boxes miss the mark: They provide a large variety of snacks, but a lot of them fall into the same ‘types’ of snacks (like salty or sweet), which can be difficult if you want more diversity.”

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