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Additional Membership Benefits (For U.S. Members)

The Eclectic Connoisseur is GROWING!

The Eclectic Connoisseur is attracting interest from a wide array of NEW value add partners. In the pursuit to bolster our membership we are proud to be able to offer these additional benefits to our program.

* Get Protected

A Credit Card Protection & Monitoring Recovery Service

* Earn Travel Discounts

Wholesale Hotel Rates up to 60% less than the regular rates at 600,000
hotels worldwide. Lower than Expedia and Priceline!

* Loyalty Program

Shopping Rewards on Favorite Brands, Restaurant Rewards, Grocery Coupons, Bill Assist, Local Shopping Discounts

* Additional Bonus (for US Customers): Credit Card Protection, Monitoring Recovery Service, Rewards Program

  • A 14 Day Free Trial
  • An Exclusive WHOLESALE OFFER to Save 43% on Sign up for Eclectic Connoisseur ONLY!
  • The retail price is $29.99 per month compared member wholesale rate of $16.99
  • Used properly this service can easily pay for itself on a month to month basis

Please go to this link for more details on the Credit Card Protection & Recovery Service
Please go to this link for more details ‘Rewards & Loyalty Program’

Read our blog on ‘Keep Your Family Safe w/ Identity Maxx’ for more information